Colour Q #177

SAMSUNGAt first I had a hard time with this color challenge from Colour Q.  I just saw the Always Artichoke and the Cherry Cobbler and had a hard time getting past the Christmas colors.  I am really pleased.  In fact, I found out yesterday that my daughter would be moving up classes at her day care and decided to use this card for her teacher to say Thank You.  I wrote the card and sealed it in an envelope then realized that I forgot to take a picture of it for my blog…oops.  So I ripped open the envelope, took a picture, and put it in a new envelope.  🙂

colour q 177


4 thoughts on “Colour Q #177

  1. Such a sweet and thoughtful card to make for your daughter’s teacher, I know she will love it! Love your blog banner, if it looks like that where you live, everyone should want to visit about now! Thanks for sharing your card with us this week at the colourQ.

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